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Exile [EU] Serenity - Internationale Gilde

Dieses Thema im Forum "Gildenvorstellung" wurde erstellt von Chiusure, 19. April 2013.

Exile [EU] Serenity - Internationale Gilde

Dieses Thema im Forum "Gildenvorstellung" wurde erstellt von Chiusure, 19. April 2013.


    Chiusure Datacube-Sammler

    Margaret River Western Australia

    A little info about Serenity:

    Serenity is an EU/US Exile PvE guild, in fact the first and probably biggest Exile guild, and we are still growing, recruiting sensible mature over 18′s into our ranks, our primary focus is PvE content in all forms, The guild will be split across two severs, a guild hosted on an EU server and a second guild hosted on an NA server, both guilds will use the same mumble server. Each guild will have four officers, headed by a guild leader.We don’t plan on being a hardcore raiding guild, more of a casualcore guild as we know a lot of our members have work and family commitments, which means they cannot commit to excessive nights of raiding, however there are plans to set up a raiding team.

    Raiding Information:

    Raiding will initially be two nights per week (Monday and Wednesday) likely to increase to three nights (Thursday) - Days may differ depending on EU or NA server (To be established upon launch)

    Raiding times will be established in due course (although sessions are likely to be 2.5hrs to 3 hrs long)

    Raid and Class leaders will be appointed in due course

    Raid loot will be handled by an officer using the master looter option and distributed using the /roll system or the WildStar equivelant.

    Players wanting to participate in raiding will be given one month from launch to reach level cap

    With the above in mind there are a few requirements to meet for admittance to Serenity:
    • Players must be able to communicate in English.
    • Players must be mature and over the age of 18.
    • Players must respect other players in the guild (Decency and kindness towards one another).
    • Players must be willing to use mumble voice
    • Players must read and agree with the guild charter, located here
    • Players must fill in an application form on our website listed below.

    Serenity Contact Information:

    Guild Website: http://serenity-wildstar.enjin.com
    Guild Truce: http://serenity-wildstar.enjin.com/truce
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSSerenity
    Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/wsserenity/
    Email: Serenityws@live.com
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